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Electronic Health Record

» AAFP's Center for Health Information Technology includes case studies of successful implementations, a forum for sharing user reviews of EHR systems. AAFP members can take an interactive EHR Readiness Assessment by logging in here:

» HHS Initiative to Reward EHR Use:
HHS Targets Communities for EHR Pilot Project
Program to Pay Out $150 Million

February 5, 2008 - AAFP News Now article describes a new five-year Health and Human Services initiative and pilot project intended to increase physician use of electronic health records (EHRs) certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology.

» The Value of Electronic Health Records in Solo or Small Group Practices
Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., Christopher West, Tiffany Martin Brown et al., Health Affairs, September/October 2005, 24 (5): 1127–37

» FPM Toolbox: Computerization
The AAFP's Family Practice Management offers several useful tools for family physicians transitioning to an EHR.

» Achieving tangible IT benefits in small physician practices
First Consulting Group. California Health Foundation; 2002.

Electronic Prescribing

» The Center for Improving Medication Management
The Center educates clinicians and their staff on the best ways to implement prescribing technology and integrate it with the day-to-day workflow. The Center also implements programs that accelerate the automation of the prescribing process and offers an Electronic Prescribing Readiness Assessment.

» CMS Issues Final Rule on E-Prescribing Standards
April 10, 2008 - AAFP News Now (ANN) - "CMS recently released a final rule that sets uniform standards for electronic prescribing, under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. The rule does not require physicians, pharmacies and other providers to adopt e-prescribing as a condition of their participation in Medicare."

» CMS e-Prescribing Overview
" E-prescribing - a prescriber's ability to electronically send an accurate, error-free and understandable prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point-of-care - is an important element in improving the quality of patient care..."

» Fact Sheet: Benefits of ePrescribing
This one-page PDF is part of Key Topic Guide Series at the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium's Resource Center & Library.

» House, Senate Bills Promote E-Prescribing - Legislation Includes Grants for Physicians
"Medicare physicians would be required to adopt electronic prescribing by 2011 or face possible financial penalties under legislation recently introduced in the House and Senate. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Pa., have introduced legislation that, if passed, would use financial incentives and disincentives to encourage the adoption of electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing, under Medicare."

Disease and Population Management Software/Registries

» IT Tools for Chronic Disease Management: How Do They Measure Up?
This 2006 "invitational product review" compares chronic disease management systems (CDMS) products to electronic medical record (EMR) products, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of 10 commonly-used products in terms of their effectiveness in chronic disease management.

» Using Computerized Registries in Chronic Disease Care
Concluding that a registry is more affordable and speedier to deploy than an electronic medical record (EMR) system and is a practical tool for improving patient management, this CHCF report is intended to help physicians, clinics, and medical groups conduct their own assessments of these tools by offering practical information, including:
• Definitions, functions, and types of registries
• How to choose between a registry and an EMR
• Cost and workflow redesign considerations
• Examples of registries in use at the point of care and for population reporting

» Improving Chronic Illness Care - Registry Evaluation Form
ICIC's a Registry Evaluation Form (Microsoft Word document) will help to guide and structure your practice's evaluation of the available software, prior to making a purchase or implementation decision.

Evidence-based Decision Support

» Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine
From Duke University Medical Center Library and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library.

» Evidence-Based Practice: An Interprofessional Tutorial
This two-lesson tutorial is "designed for students in healthcare fields, medical professionals, faculty, and anyone else interested in evidence-based practice."

» EBM Web Page Generator
A tool that walks you through a processor thaht culminates in the generation of a custom EBM Web page that you can add to your Web site.

Web Site/Patient/Portal

Give Your Practice Web Site a Check Up: 16 "Best Practices" for Primary Practice Web Sites
Use this article to give your practice Web site an "annual check up" to make sure it's up-to-date and accurate. Provides a checklist of 15 best practices for your practice's Web site.

Popular "Patient Portal" Options for e-Visits and e-Services
An overview of the features, benefits and differences among four popular Web portal Application Service Providers (ASPs) including Medfusion, iHealth's Medem, McKesson's Relay Health and ReachMyDoctor from RMD Networks.

Online Patient Education Resources for Practice Web Sites
TransforMED's "core list" of health care Web sites that your practice can add to your Web site

New, Revised CPT Codes Target Online, Telephone Services
February 29, 2208 AAFP News Now article: "Recent changes in CPT codes for non-face-to-face physician services could help turn the tide against payers' long-standing reluctance to pay physicians for telephone and online patient consultations. The new -- and, in some cases, revised -- CPT codes took effect on Jan. 1..."


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