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Health IT to support the doctor-patient relationship


In the wake of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), more practices are considering implementing electronic health or medical records, e-prescribing, new practice management systems and other forms of health information technology (Health IT). 

This winter, the American Medical Association (AMA) and TransforMED are hosting a series of weekly webinars to provide practices with a vision of how the practice of medicine is being transformed through Health IT — and the tools necessary for successful implementation.

  • Hear from experts already working to transform physician practices through Health IT
  • Learn the basics of successful Health IT system implementation plan
  • Discover tips for tackling major milestones at each stage in the process
  • Prepare your patients and practice for changes associated with Health IT  



Meaningful use of technology to support patient-centered care

Learn about the current state of Health IT and what technologies are available today to support patient-centered care and practice efficiency.

Terry McGeeney, MD, CEO, TransforMED
Amanda Ervin, director, Health IT, AMA

By attending this webinar you will be able to...

  • Describe the technology components that support HIT meaningful use within a practice. (EHR, Registry, ePrescribing, Patient Portal, Personal Health Record)
  • Articulate the effect of these "meaningful use" technologies on improving patient care processes, enhancing clinical outcomes and promoting patient and practice safety.
  • Understand the current requirements for obtaining financial  assistance through ARRA

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Preparing your practice for Health IT

Learn how to engage staff and promote teamwork, leadership and communication within your practice throughout the technology implementation process. Employing fundamental change strategies will help your practice manage change, as well as improve workflow efficiencies and handle typical challenges associated with successful Health IT implementation.

Steve Waldren, MD, director of Health IT, American Academy of Family Physicians
Ana Jensen, PhD, practice enhancement facilitator, TransforMED

By attending this webinar you will be able to...

  • Communicate the importance of teamwork, leadership and communication in managing the change associated with the planning and implementing the components of technology within a practice.
  • Create a plan for evaluating workflow processes, efficiencies and inefficiencies prior to HIT implementation.
  • Identify and prepare for typical barriers and challenges in technology implementation.

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Selecting the appropriate technology for your practice and developing implementation strategies

Learn how to identify your practice’s needs and requirements, in addition to various strategies for introducing and implementing Health IT, and staging implementation. The importance of integration between technologies will also be discussed.

Bruce Kleaveland, Health IT consultant
Dave Kibbe, MD, Health IT specialist/consultant, American Academy of Family Physicians

By attending this webinar you will be able to...

  • Articulate the questions to be addressed in preparation and implementation within the practice within the following 4 areas:
    • Organizational readiness
    • Personnel training
    • Technology and work flow planning
    • Capital planning
  • Understand the utilization of legacy systems versus integrating components from various technologies that are available today.
  • Explain the importance of staged Heath IT implementation. 

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Engaging patients in using technology to manage their personal health care

Recent studies show quality improvement and cost savings as a result of empowering patients to use technology to manage their care.  Learn how technology enables remote monitoring, patient self-management and reporting, teleconsultation and electronic visits, which can help your practice efficiently manage patients.

Elaine Skoch, RN, MN, CNAA, EMBA, practice enhancement facilitator, TransforMED
Todd B. Taylor, MD, FACEP, physician executive, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft

By attending this webinar you will be able to...

  • Illustrate the importance of relationships in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) to empower patients in their self care management.
  • Relate the importance technology can play in engaging patients in their self care management process and how it can improve practice access and efficiencies.
  • Depict the care process using a portal technology and personal health record in care management and care coordination.

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About TransforMED
The Leawood, Kan.-based TransforMED LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Established in 2005, TransforMED provides ongoing consultation and support to physicians looking to transform their practices to a new model of care that is based on the concept of a patient-centered medical home. TransforMED is an active member of primary care communities and recognizes and supports the unique value that primary care offers to patients and the health care system. TransforMED shares and supports the idealism and altruism of primary care physicians and the strong commitment to their communities and patients through continuing patient relationships and independent decision making. TransforMED offers practices both products and services, including consultation and advice on implementing the patient centered medical home model. To learn more about TransforMED, visit Follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook.


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