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PEAT® - TransforMED's Patient Experience Assessment Tool

How patients experience the practice and the services provided is core to understanding how close your practice is to being a patient-centered medical home. What kind of experience are your patients having at your practice – and with your practice?

The PEAT is a short, easily administered questionnaire that provides practices with information and insight on their patients' view of the services provided. Practices can use survey results to design and track quality improvement initiatives over time, as well as compare themselves to other practices. The tool is web-based.

Aspects of care such as physician and team communication, access to care and information, the patient's ability to self manage their care, whole person care and overall satisfaction with care, are scored and reported to a practice's leadership in order to assess how well the practice meets the needs of the patients.

A TransforMED facilitator can also review the results and offer suggestions on how to address the most challenging areas of the assessment in a 1-hour consultation with practice leaders.

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