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CRS - TransforMED's Change Readiness Survey

The ability to implement, manage and sustain change is a critical part of the medical home transformation process. The CRS is designed to measure the practice team's readiness to make the myriad changes necessary for successful transformation to a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Developed and refined based on TransforMED's work in more than 1500 medical practices nationwide, the Change Readiness Survey is one element of an end-to-end practice assessment process that TransforMED consultants use to clarify and achieve practice transformation goals.

The Change Readiness Survey user dashboard

The CRS consists of 36 questions that have been validity tested by statisticians to ensure that the questions are valid for both staff and leadership groups and all survey items demonstrate a significant contribution to the total score.

The Change Readiness Survey assesses the entire practice – physicians, nurse practitioners, practice managers, and clinical and office staff – in five areas that are critical to successful PCMH transformation:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Change Communication
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Influencing Others

These five areas comprise the human infrastructure of the patient-centered medical home. Attempting to build a medical home without ensuring that you have a strong human infrastructure is equivalent to building the second story of your house before the foundation has been laid and the first story built.

CRS reports do not include any single individual's information – and in fact, requires a minimum of three respondents to generate a report. The practice's Staff and Leadership scores are presented only in anonymous aggregate. The report includes a practice score and average for each of the five factors as well as a total Change Readiness Score. For PCMH transformation projects with many practice participants, the report includes averages across practice groups and, when available, projects. TransforMED consultants develop change management and team building groundwork based on their understanding of these scores in context.

“Slowly but surely our healthcare system is becoming more accountable and efficient -- paying for value as measured in better patient health. In this environment, payers, hospital systems and government agencies will need to quickly identify and align those high-performing practices that are ready to make and sustain the changes that will ultimately provide better care at lower costs,” said Blake Williamson, MD, Health Plan Specialist at TransforMED. “Practices identified as lacking in change capacity, can then be targeted for the appropriate interventions to bring them into alignment with strategic goals.”

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