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TransforMED is how primary care and family medicine practices become true Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Imagine your practice as a true Patient-Centered Medical Home....Improving patient care by putting an empowered patient relationship at the center of your practices. Sharing and accessing information efficiently and electronically. Communicating effectively. Moving from reactive to proactive. Motivating and retaining staff and providers. Creating a happier and more productive work environment. Becoming more profitable. Enjoying a better work-life balance and the satisfying feeling of making a difference in people's lives

Which approach is right for your practice?


Delta-Exchange »
Delta-Exchange is TransforMED’s exclusive, easy-to-use, online practice transformation learning network dedicated to physicians, clinical staff, office staff and primary care-focused residency programs. Delta-Exchange is free to AAFP Members.

  • Get access to immediately useful PCMH resources: “best practices“, forms and templates, online seminars, and more.
  • Ask questions of both TransforMED experts and practice leaders who’ve “been there”.
  • Share documents, collaborate on solutions, discuss issues and connect with practices much like yours who are also endeavoring to make PCMH changes.

For just $30 a month per user, join your colleagues in an active community of primary care leaders committed to PCMH practice transformation. Learn from experts and each other. No vendors. No drug reps. No nonsense. Find out more about Delta-Exchange »

Small Practice Solutions »
Designed and priced exclusively for small practices with 1-4 providers, because small practices' flexibility and adaptability gives them an advantage in achieving measurable results from PCMH transformation. The package bundles together the change components small practices need to become PCMHs— including a dedicated Program Advisor, deliverables such as a practice assessment and a transformation plan, and three Delta-Exchange memberships for your team. Are Small Practice Solutions right for you? »

Medical Home Facilitation »
Designed to accommodate a variety of financial and time-commitment requirements and practice sizes: Full Transformation and Targeted Transformation include on-site visits and assessments while Virtual Facilitation emphasizes telecommunications. TransforMED Centers of Excellence Consultants and Project Managers will work as trusted, neutral parties to help provide structure, keep the practice on track and create accountability. Pricing is scaled to the number of providers. Find out more about Medical Home Facilitation »

Baseline Practice Assessment »
Via surveys, on-site visit observations, interviews, phone conversations and e-mail communication with key staff, yourProject Manager will report on your practice's Areas of Strength, Opportunities for Growth and Points for Consideration in relation to the 9 areas of the TransforMED Patient-Centered Model. Start you PCMH journey with a Baseline Practice Assessment »

Learning Collaboratives and Practice Retreats »
From objectives such as improved business planning, practice management and finances to mission and vision origination, team development, conflict resolution, and process flow refinements – TransforMED's facilitated 1-day retreats and collaboratives get the whole team engaged in the transformation. Find out more about Learning Collaboratives and Practice Retreats »

What's next? Explore our product and service offerings and then consider the current effectiveness and profitability of your practice. A Baseline Practice Assessment is a great place to start.

Transformation begins with organizational recognition that the status quo will no longer serve, change must occur. Practice champions (both physicians and non-physicians) then step forward to educate themselves, develop a plan for strategic change, lead the transformation efforts and forge a practice team united by shared vision and values. Now committed to implementing and sustaining the necessary changes, the practice begins a journey that progresses from Foundations through Transitions to Transformation.

TransforMED's strategic transformation process is based on the best available evidence and emerging learnings from the Natonal Demonstration Project (NDP) as well as other patient-centered pilots and projects. The functional components of the transformation are arrayed in the The TransforMED Patient-Centered Model.


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