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Transformation Essentials: Foundations

New evidence that facilitation improves practice transformation to new models of care

The Robert Graham Center has released a new one-pager entitled "The Effect of Facilitation in Fostering Practice" by Carlos Roberto Jaén MD PhD, et al. The report summarizes the researchers' findings that "Working with facilitation agents measurably improves the ability of motivated primary care practices to move towards improved models of care."

Read the report from the Robert Graham Center »


TransforMED's professional Facilitators work with your practice to target, plan and implement the improvements your practice and care team need to achieve Medical Home designation.

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Early learnings from our patient-centered medical home pilot project practices have demonstrated that practices that have not made and sustained positive changes in four very specific areas were not able to make and sustain changes in other areas. Because these "Foundations" are the first and most necessary steps in a successful PCMH transformation, TransforMED has developed a set of professional services and proprietary evaluation tools to benchmark practice performance and identify strengths and weaknesses in these fundamental domains.

The costs and time investments for each of the Foundation packages below are dependent upon the size of the practice. To receive more detailed information about these targeted professional services please complete our short contact form »

Practice Management Toolbox

A successful primary care practice must be run like the business it is. Sound financial management is fundamental to practice profitability and success, and helps to achieve a satisfying work/life balance. This leadership development program includes:

• On-site Practice Management Assessment
• Conference call with practice leadership or designated contact to identify practice concerns
• Work with the practice on areas as appropriate, such as:
   » Key process indicators
   » HR Management
   » Financial management
   » Payer contract review and negotiation assistance
   » Marketing
   » Peer comparison reporting
   » Revenue cycle analysis
   » Employee performance improvement and training support
   » Educational content based on medical home
• Ongoing Practice Management coaching conference calls
• Email communication with facilitator

Effective Leadership Skills for Healthcare Professionals

Pilot project results indicate that when a properly scaled, balanced and skilled leadership system is in place, the practice's ability to adopt and sustain changes is vastly improved. This leadership development program includes:

• On-site Leadership Assessment
• Conference call with each practice leader to identify practice concerns
• Formal assessment of leaders' capabilities
• Ongoing leader coaching conference calls
• Email communication with facilitator

Teamwork Development for Transformation

Teamwork and communication issues must be addressed before major change is attempted. The strength of your teams, the appropriateness of their skill-sets, and their ability to communicate effectively and respectfully are critical aspects of transformation success. This package includes:

• On-site Teamwork Development Practice Assessment
• Conference call with practice leadership or designated contact to identify practice concerns
• Individual style assessment of all practice members
• Ongoing team leader and/or team coaching conference calls
• Email communication with facilitator

Change Management Essentials

Is your practice ready to undertake major strategic changes? Most are not. Change is demanding and will expose underlying process issues and interpersonal problems. The required first step for successful, lasting transformation is to plan for and manage change. This change management package includes:

• On-site Change Management Assessment
• Conference call with practice leadership to identify areas of concern
• Individual style assessment of key change management stakeholders
• Ongoing change management conference calls
• Email communication with facilitator

Other options for targeted facilitation

Perhaps you've already addressed the Foundations. Or maybe you're integrating a disease registry into a previously-purchased EMR. Or your team is experiencing "change fatigue" and loss of momentum. Or maybe you could benefit from a cost-benefit analysis before you invest in new equipment or embrace new procedures to support care management. Or perhaps you're having difficulties transforming your staff into an inter-disciplinary care team. Targeted facilitation will get your practice on track. Contact us with your specific needs.

Consider including a Medical Home Baseline Assessment

A Project Manager will gather data on-site, observe your practice at work, and follow-up with a detailed report that includes clear next steps. Costs are dependent on the number of providers in your practice. Find out more about TransforMED's Baseline Practice Assessment.




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