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Physician Practices and Independent Medical Associations (IPA)

TransforMED helps Physicians' Practices and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) improve quality, safety, satisfaction and the bottomline. More »


TransforMED helps payers deliver high quality care and reduce costs while improving patient health and increasing staff satisfaction and patient engagement. More »

  Hospitals and Health Systems

TransforMED helps hospitals and health systems engage physicians and improve care through implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. More »

Primary Care – The "Next Big Challenge"

We have made great progress engaging the primary care community in practice transformation. Most are now aware that there is a shift in payment and health care delivery from volume to value. What are the remaining ingredients needed to make the primary care component valuable to integrated systems like Accountable Care Organizations? How can primary care contribute to "right sizing" the healthcare we deliver and be rewarded for that effort?

Read Dr. Bagley's CEO Report »

The next big challenge for primary care is right-sizing so that patients get all the care they need and only the care they need

TransforMED, CAPG Partner to Improve Health Care Delivery

CAPG - The Voice of Accountable Physician groupsPatients across 29 states stand to benefit from enhanced patient-centered care through a partnership announced today between medical practice consultancy TransforMED and physician group trade association CAPG. This strategic partnership makes TransforMED, a medical practice consulting group, the recommended provider to CAPG members. TransforMED’s program services will support CAPG’s mission of improved quality and value of health care provided to patients. With a membership of more than 180 medical groups and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), CAPG is the nation’s largest trade association and the voice of physician groups practicing the capitated, accountable care model... Read the press release »

TransforMED's Board of Managers Appoints Three New Members

Three new members of TransforMED's governing body will help achieve the organization's mission to transform health delivery to achieve optimal patient care, professional satisfaction and success of primary care practices. Read the press release »

Roland A. Goertz, MD, MBA - Chair of the TransforMED Board of Managers   John Bachman, MD   Albert Santalo
Roland A. Goertz, MD, MBA
Dr. Goertz, CEO of the three foundations that oversee all operations of the Waco Family Health Center and past president and of the AAFP, is now Chair of the TransforMED Board of Managers
  John Bachman, MD
Dr. John Bachman, Saunders Professor of Primary Care at Mayo and an expert in "high tech, high touch" medicine joins TransforMED's Board of Managers.
  Alberto Santalo
Albert Santalo, Chairman, President and CEO of CareCloud joins TransforMED's Board of Managers.

Residencies seeking patient-centered transformation sign on to work with TransforMED experts TransforMED is transforming residency practices to patient medical homes-centered

TransforMED experts have been engaged to provide patient-centered medical home transformation services for three unique and highly mission-focused residency programs, each dedicated to serving the health care needs of its local community: Community Westview Family Medicine Residency in Indiana, Dignity Health in California and Quillen College of Medicine in Tennessee. Read more about these residencies and their transformation efforts »

TransforMED welcomes new employees
John Dale
- Marketing and Communications Manager John Dale
Marketing and Communications Manager
  Shaila Silverio, MSR, PT
- Senior Project Specialist Shaila Silverio, MSR, PT
Centers of Excellence Consultant - Commercial
Naveen Gogumala
- Executive Director of Healthcare Solutions Naveen Gogumalla
Executive Director of Healthcare Solutions
  Jan Street
- Senior Administrative Assistant Jan Street
Senior Administrative Assistant
Charley Hopper
- Business Development Consultant Charley Hopper
Business Development Consultant
  Terri Lyle Wilson R.Ph.
- Program Director - Commercial Operations Terri Lyle Wilson R.Ph.
Program Director - Commercial Operations
Matt Montgomery
- Business Development Consultant Matt Montgomery
Business Development Consultant
  David Messick Alex Ramsey
Quality Improvement/Public Health Intern

TransforMED's award-winning social network for PCMH practice transformation now has a Patient-Centered Careers Zone

Physicians, clinicians, thought leaders: Join with nearly 10,000 primary care physicians and practice team members sharing practical resources and best practices as they transform to a PCMH. Ask questions of your peers and access online seminars.

Delta-Exchange: Ask PCMH questions. Get answers. Delta-Exchange: Share PCMH resources Delta-Exchange: Online PCMH seminars

Ask questions.

Share resources.

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Become a DX member. Connect with and learn from medical practice transformation experts, thought leaders— and providers and staff at practices like yours.

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NEW! Find the kind of patient-centered providers and staff you're looking for on Delta-Exchange in the new Patient-Centered Careers Zone. Post and find jobs for PCMH professionals.

IPAs, hospitals, health systems, payers, pilot programs: DX is the perfect platform to support PCMH training, create alignment, encourage discourse and track engagement.

Contact TransforMED's business development team to leverage the power of Delta-Exchange for your transformation community. Ask about our PCMH curriculum and Learning Management System.

AAFP Member? DX is free with your membership. Click here to learn more »

TransforMED experts have helped 222 primary care practices achieve NCQA recognition – 86% are Level 3. How can we help you?
TransforMED assists medical practices and health care organizations with achievement of NCQA recognition.

Medical practices commonly view the NCQA recognition process as an arduous task.  As the trusted leader in medical home transformation, we work closely with practices and help them streamline the NCQA recognition process, allowing them to focus on patient care rather than paper work. Inquire about TransforMED's NCQA recognition services »

From Volume to Value: Finance Leaders on the Impact of the Big Clinical Shift

Analysis and in-depth discussions from healthcare finance leaders taken from the HealthLeaders Media CFO Exchange
From Volume to Value: Finance Leaders on the Impact of the Big Clinical Shift - Analysis and in-depth discussions from healthcare finance leaders from 38 hospitals and health systems

At the third annual HealthLeaders Media CFO Exchange, leaders from 38 different hospitals and health systems discussed strategies for a major shift in healthcare: transforming from a provider organization essentially built for a high volume of acute care services into one that can manage the health of a population cost effectively. Insights and learnings from the event have been distilled into a focused report on driving the alignment, leadership and skills necessary for managing health. At-a-glance charts present trends in initiatives, organizational models and investments in population health.

TransforMED president and CEO, Dr. Bruce Bagley kicks off this valuable report with a perspective entitled "Leading Through the Big Clinical Shift."

Download From Volume to Value: Finance Leaders on the Impact of the Big Clinical Shift »

PCMH Primary Care Practices: Crucial Component to Successful Medical Neighborhood Development and Implementation

The CMMI Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods connect hospitals and subspecialists with primary care practices to improve the health and care of their communities at a more affordable cost.The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) in 2012 presented a $20.75 million Federal Health Care Innovation Award to TransforMED and its project affiliates.

In this article, Bruce Bagley, MD, FAAFP, president and CEO of TransforMED, provides a project update and explains how the project's Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods - connecting hospitals and subspecialists with primary care practices to improve the health and care of the communities at a more affordable cost - are dependent on PCMH primary care practices - ability to provide HIT-enabled comprehensive services such as care management, care coordination, enhanced access, patient engagement, and proactive patient care planning.

Read the article in Medical Home News [PDF] »

Stories of Change: PCMH Transformation in Practice
Inspiring and practical stories from experienced clinicians around the country who are working with TransforMED to transform their practices to Patient-Centered Medical Homes and their health systems to Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhoods. View all Stories of Change videos »
Adena Family and Internal Medicine, Waverly, Ohio
Dr. Kittaka of Adena Family and Internal Medicine in Waverly, OH The practice team and patients at Adena Family and Internal Medicine, Waverly, Ohio share their experiences in transforming to a PCMH. By closing gaps of care with nurse navigators providing care coordination and using population management with risk stratification to provide appropriate care to those who need it most, they are seeing measurable gains in patient outcomes. Watch the video »
TransforMED also recently collaborated with UBM Medica's Physician's Practice to produce two new videos highlighting TransforMED practices in Maryland: Transitioning to a Patient-Centered Medical Home and ACOs: Changing How Physicians Care for Patients. Registration is free, but required.

TransforMED selects 90 primary care practices in 65 U.S. cities as participants in three-year, patient-centered medical neighborhood pilot project

CMMI affiliates: TransforMED, VHA, Cobalt Talon and Phytel

Patient-centered medical home transformation among participating primary care practices aims for better access and coordination of care across the 'medical neighborhood' to improve the health of the community at a lower cost

A total of 90 primary care practices allied with 15 health systems in 65 cities across the country have joined a federally supported health care innovation award project of the patient-centered medical neighborhood (PCMN) care model, awardee and national program convener TransforMED announced.

Participating practices will pilot test TransforMED's approach to delivering better health, better health care and lower costs using the PCMN model. The PCMN concept connects patient-centered medical home (PCMH) primary care practices with other community-based health care providers to create a more efficient, coordinated health care delivery network that improves care at a lower cost... Read the press release »


How will you get there?

A core component of the ACO is an efficient primary care system providing access to effective, coordinated health care services for disease prevention and management. The foundation of such a clinically integrated primary care system is the PCMH or Patient-Centered Medical Home.

TransforMED is how primary care practices transform to Patient-Centered Medical Homes and how health care systems become Accountable Care Organizations.

Find out how TransforMED can make your ACO transformation successful »


"...primary care should be the central focus that sends patients to the right place at the right time."

— Dr. Bruce Bagley
TransforMED president and CEO,
as quoted in Medical Economics
ACOs redefine relationships
with specialists

Hawai'i Island Beacon Community achieves health care improvements

"...Nineteen primary care practices serving approximately 20,000 patients achieved Patient Centered Medical Home status. To achieve this status, they completed a 12-month training program offered through TransforMED, a subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians and were supported in this effort through the partnership of HIBC, the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii and the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)..."

  Hawai'i Island Beacon Community (HIBC) is an island-wide federally funded collaborative project administered through the College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Click here to read the article »

What does your medical home look like? patient-centered medical home
Click here for the MHIQ

TransforMED's MHIQ® Patient-Centered Medical Home self-assessment has been updated. Version 3 now incorporates the NCQA's PCMH 2011 Recognition standards. Complete the 9 modules in any order, at your own pace. Some modules might take as little as 15 minutes to finish. An at-a-glance dashboard saves your scores, gives you access to feedback on your results and links to online self-education resources organized by PCMH topic. Click here to access the MHIQ v. 3 »

TransforMED improves Change Readiness Survey tool for Patient-Centered Medical Home primary care model

TransforMED's new, streamlined Change Readiness Survey (CRS) aims to make it easier and faster to measure a medical practice team's ability to manage and sustain the changes necessary for successful transformation to a PCMH.

Developed and refined based on TransforMED’s work in more than 1,500 medical practices nationwide, the CRS is one element of an end-to-end assessment process TransforMED facilitators use to clarify and achieve practice transformation goals...

Read the complete press release »

The Change Readiness Survey user dashboard

Ohio Department of Health Selects TransforMED for Tools and Resources to Assist in Patient-Centered Primary Care Initiative

$1 million State of Ohio project is transforming 50 primary care practices into Patient-Centered Medical Homes with the potential to touch the lives of nearly 647,000 Ohioans

Seal of the State of Ohio

TransforMED is providing medical home facilitation services and resources to accelerate adoption of the PCMH model of care and help practices in Ohio earn PCMH recognition from the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA).

"This initiative is another important step in reforming Ohio's health care delivery system and giving Ohioans the quality of care they need to have good health at every stage of life," said ODE Director Dr. Ted Wymyslo. "TransforMED is an expert in PCMH transformation, and we know medical homes lead to better health and reduced costs for individuals and taxpayers."

• Read the complete press release »
• Read about it at AAFP News Now »

TransforMED Provides PCMH Expertise to Armed Services

"TransforMED has served as an unofficial consultant on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model for all branches of the military during the past three years. In this capacity, TransforMED shares its expertise on the PCMH with military personnel through military-convened panels and meetings.

TransforMED recently joined with PricewaterhouseCoopers to support a PCMH initiative within the Army's Northern Region Command that will essentially transform outpatient clinics at 15 northeastern Army bases into PCMHs. This represents TransforMED's biggest project yet with the military..."

Read more at AAFP News Now »

American flag surrounded by flags of the US military

TransforMED furthers its mission through two new partnerships with the CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)

Welcome to the Patient-Centered Medical neighborhood

A $21-million Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) award will allow TransforMED to work in 15 communities across the country to create a Medical Neighborhood. The goal is to leverage primary care Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) as the coordinators of care across the neighborhood while working closely with specialists, subspecialists and hospitals to improve care, improve patient health, and lower costs.

• Read the complete press release »
• Read "Welcome to the Neighborhood" »

TransforMED is also working with CMMI, through their contract with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), to support the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPC). CPC is a model combining payment reform with practice transformation in seven regions and involves 500 primary care practice sites.

• Learn more about the CMS innovation partnerships »

Hospitals and Patient Centered Medical Homes: A Practical Pairing
high performing primary care is the foundation for accountable care

From Becker's Hospital Review
Business and Legal Issues for Health System leadership

By Kenneth Bertka, MD
Vice President of Physician Clinical Integration at Mercy in Toledo, Ohio


"...Hospitals and health systems pursuing accountable care need high-performing primary care practices as a foundation, and PCMHs can help hospitals and practices align incentives while delivering coordinated and comprehensive care. ... For hospitals and health systems looking to improve the operations of their primary care practices, PCMH conversion may be the answer. In fact, many have turned to TransforMED, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians, for guidance with the challenging process of PCMH transformation." Read the article at Becker's Hospital Review »

Contact TransforMED to bring the benefits of the PCMH to your patients and your health care system »

Products and Services for Practices
TransforMED is how...
Primary Care Practices become Patient-Centered Medical Homes

TransforMED brings value to Primary Care through a strategic transformation process combined with an integrated suite of practice transformation products and services— all derived from our experiences facilitating the NDP and designed to create a framework, a common language and an opportunity for practices to become Patient-Centered Medical Homes:

Delta-Exchange collaborative network
Medical Home Facilitation
Baseline Practice Assessment
Learning Collaboratives and Practice Retreats

Which approach is right for your practice?

Let's discuss a work plan for your team's transformation.

Click here to contact TransforMED's business development team

For Practices Large and Small,
Here's Good News About the Patient-Centered Medical Home

small practice solutionsSmall Practice Solutions

Small Practice Solutions are designed -- and priced -- exclusively for small practices with 1-4 providers, because small practices' flexibility and adaptability gives them an advantage in achieving measurable results from PCMH transformation. Find out more »

  • PCMH Assessment - identify expectations, define processes and clarify objectives
  • Gap Analysis - pinpoint both your practice's current state and any "low hanging fruit" PCMH opportunities that you can take advantage of now
  • Comprehensive Transformation Plan - prioritize and operationalize roadmaps and timelines that meet your practice's PCMH needs and objectives
  • Dedicated Program Advisor to provide guidance and feedback
  • Memberships in Delta-Exchange - the online learning community for primary care. Access useful PCMH resources, connect with like-minded colleagues, ask questions of experts, and share "what works" with practice leaders who've "been there"
  • ACO Resources and Services for PCPs
  • On-site Learning Collaboratives - get everyone on the same page, educated, informed ... and working together
  • Webinars – TransforMED webinars present relevant information, from the comfort of your desktop, that can be used by individuals inside primary care practices to transform their practices, as well as offering opportunities for Q&A with TransforMED's expert Centers of Excellence Consultants. Webinars are offered live and on-demand.
  • PCMH Transformation Workbooks
  • Assistance with NCQA Recognition
Interested in Small Practice Solutions? Click here

The Transformation Series

TransforMED Centers of Excellence Consultants are sharing their learnings on how to transform a practice into a high-performing patient-centered medical home. Based on the TransforMED Patient-Centered Model, these workbooks provide practices concise, step-by-step information and case studies on relevant topics in health care delivery and medical practice transformation. Find out more about TransforMED workbooks »

Care Coordination workbook Patient-Centered Medical Home Patient Engagement Workbook

The Patient Engagement Workbook provides a road map of why and how primary care practices must consider patient engagement as a vital strategy in reaching currently established primary care goals – moving the relationship "from adverserial to engaged", minimizing patient complaints, reducing no-shows and and improving adherence. Learn the importance of engaging patients, pre-, during, and post-appointment. Learn how to create a partnership compact with patients. Understand patients’ core motivations and how it affects shared decision-making. Includes sample templates and case studies of real-life experiences. Get the special TransforMED Member price of $59.00 by entering promotional code TM10BK00 when you purchase online at MGMA.

Click here to buy the book at MGMA's website »

TransforMED Recognized for Best Practices in Workplace Training and Development
KC-ASTD Best Practices Awards logo

TransforMED has received Best Practices Awards from the Kansas City Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development in three Workplace Learning and Performance categories: program design and development, culture and technology innovation.

"TransforMED is proud to be recognized by the KC-ASTD for our work in the areas of culture, program design and technology innovation," said Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA, president and CEO of TransforMED. "Our knowledgeable team of experts has developed unique tools and best practices that are helping more than 17,000 physicians nationwide in their efforts to become medical homes. It is most gratifying to know that our efforts truly are transforming the way primary care is delivered." Read the press release »


TransforMED Partners with Emmi Solutions to Educate Patients About the Benefits of the Patient-Centered Medical Home

  Video Screen Shot image 05  
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©2009 Emmi Solutions

Emmi Solutions, TransforMED and the PCPCC have partnered to create a web-based patient education tool designed to play an integral role in the transformation of primary care practices to Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

The result is an engaging and educational multimedia experience that helps patients understand the Patient-Centered Medical Home and their important role in the collaborative health and wellness relationship with their primary care practice. Click here to find out more »

Put this exciting patient education tool on your website for FREE by clicking the "Download it" button, above.


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